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Welcome to Executive PA Solutions

Giving back control!

Does this sound like you?

Yet another day has passed without getting through your to do list!

You are spending more of your time doing administrative tasks than you do networking, planning and delivering on your strategic vision. You have clients to contact, new business opportunities to research, filing and emails outstanding and who knows when you will get a chance to think about your website and marketing.

I am your solution!  Securing my services to work with you as a virtual assistant, I can manage those projects you have not yet started; that stakeholder event you keep putting off or indeed take those other tasks off your hands so that you can focus on what really matters to you – building a great business.

Take a look around my website. You will get to know me, how I can help you and how much I charge.

What you will get from me as your virtual assistant?

I provide a professional, confidential and proactive administrative and executive support service.

Saving You Time

Free up your time by outsourcing tasks to me.  Enabling you to concentrate on organisational and strategic priorities i.e. giving back control of your time to allow you to focus on your clients, strategy and growing your business; or spend time with your loved ones.

Saving You Money

Only pay for the support you need, when you need it. No HR overheads such as employee tax, national insurance, pension scheme, holiday pay or sick pay. No recruitment or agency fees. No office space or equipment, just simple, efficient and effective support.

Flexible Service

Additional support when you need it; daily, weekly, monthly or for that bespoke project or holiday cover, it’s up to you. Tight deadline to meet, not a problem, I’m here to help and will work with you to help you achieve and deliver on time.

Simplification is the key to my service and I will compliment not complicate your business by being flexible to your ways of working, whether that is more traditional channels of communication i.e. phone and email or non-traditional medium such as Dropbox, Asana. I can productively utilise technology to assist you as a business owner with delegatory tasks becoming a critical member of your team who works remotely.

You only pay for the time you use and can budget accordingly.  You save your business a £35,000 salary plus on-costs and you save on space, staff sickness/holidays etc.

Working virtually means I can work with you wherever in the world you are located. 

Contact me today and find out how I deliver flexible solutions which add real value and impact to your business, giving back control of your time to focus on clients, strategy and growing your business.  I am happy to meet up for a coffee if you are local to Glasgow.